Sign up for “Well, we did all this research- now what?” at Interaction10
By Steve Portigal at 2:13 pm, Wednesday December 16 2009

I’ll be leading my Well, we did all this research- now what? workshop at Interaction10 in Savannah, GA, in February. (Check out audio and slides from an abbreviated form the workshop here).

If you’re going to sign up before the end of the year, you can use my discount code: IxD10Special and save $50 off the conference registration.

One of the most persistent factors limiting the impact of design research is that research projects often stop with a cataloging findings and implications rather than generating opportunities that directly enable the findings. As designers increasingly become involved in using contextual research to inform their design work, they may find themselves holding onto a trove of raw data but with little awareness of how to turn it into design.

Participants in this workshop (a sell-out at last year’s conference), collaborating in teams, will learn an effective framework for synthesizing raw data (to be gathered before and during the workshop) into insights, and then creatively using those insights to develop a range of business concepts that respond to those insights. While the framework includes a step to identify key filters that will ultimately prioritize across all generated concepts, the emphasis in this workshop will be to think as broadly as possible during ideation, truly strengthening the creative link between “data” and “action.” By the end of the workshop, participants will have developed a range of high-level concepts that respond to a business problem and integrate a fresh, contextual understanding of that problem.

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2 Responses to “Sign up for “Well, we did all this research- now what?” at Interaction10”

    Ah – I wish I could be there, but I’ve graduated and am moving to YOUR coast! I’ll make sure to check out the slides. Thanks!

    Comment by Lizzie 12.18.09 @ 4:09 am

      I think you were the only person I knew at SCAD but I also knew you were already gone from there. Ah well!

      Comment by Steve Portigal 12.18.09 @ 8:02 am