Reading Ahead: Design Futures presentation
By Steve Portigal at 5:47 pm, Monday October 05 2009
Part 21 of 24 in the series Reading Ahead

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Last week we presented Reading Ahead at the UC Berkeley Design Futures speaker series. Since we conducted this study without an external client, this was our first time sitting down with a group of people and talking about what we found and what the opportunities are. In most client situations we’ll meet people from across departments within the same organizations; here we met people who represented many different aspects of the book industry, from antiquarian booksellers, to experts in the digital reader space. Since our emphasis had been on the consumer side, this exposure to the diversity of the producer side was really enlightening, and the result was a really provocative discussion.

Thanks, Liz, for the opportunity. We look forward to the next opportunity we have to share this work with a live audience!

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2 Responses to “Reading Ahead: Design Futures presentation”

    Hi, thanks for sharing this video of you working. It was very insightful into your work and to see the questions being fielded. Pretty cool stuff!

    Comment by Candy Minx 10.06.09 @ 11:56 am

      Thanks for watching it! Never quite sure how these reproductions compare to the actual experience, so really good to know it’s worthwhile.

      Comment by Steve Portigal 10.06.09 @ 11:58 am