New Coke
By Dan Soltzberg at 6:32 pm, Monday May 04 2009

Hot, Flat and Crowded


The Real Thing?


I started seeing and photographing these coke bottle simulacra last summer. I wonder: will the Coke bottle be as evocative an icon for future generations if they come to know it primarily as a flat form?

Zippo Lighter; Gene Simmons Coke bottle from France; Classic soda fountain sign

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5 Responses to “New Coke”

    Did you see that Coke has repackaged their 2 liter bottles to be some what like their iconic bottle instead of the generic 2 liter that everyone else has? Toss that sucker in an oven and you can add to your flatness collection!

    Comment by Mike Cheung 05.04.09 @ 7:24 pm

    Mike, that’s interesting. Similar form, different material. Will it “iconify?”

    Comment by Dan Soltzberg 05.06.09 @ 9:43 am

    Being visually appropriate with use is key. It doesn’t leave me thirsting for a soda, though it works well on this website.

    There are reasons for coke to simplify the logo in a design. I’m curious how well the simplified cups are working, assuming there are people in the same establishment seeing the cups before purchase. Does it make you want a Coke?

    Aside from the Coke changes, I’ve noticed Pepsi billboards around the city with a word or statement of exclamation. However, I often forget to recognize it as Pepsi. I don’t if this is working with the remainder of the population or not.

    Comment by Jennifer Quigley 05.06.09 @ 7:36 pm

    You’re right, Jennifer–the red coke bottle logo works well against the blue background on the website you mention, and also plays well with the other red icons for wind power, etc. And no, it doesn’t make me want a coke, but I know I’ve seen ads before showing a bottle dripping with condensation that did have that effect on me.

    The recent Pespi campaign echoes the Obama campaign logo (designed by branding firm Sender LLC) as well as Shepard Fairey’s Hope poster; maybe the similarities to these other high-profile media campaigns are diluting its strength as Pepsi branding?

    Comment by Dan Soltzberg 05.07.09 @ 3:35 pm

    Hello. Who ever is reading this !!!

    i would like you to ask you a question and i was hoping you can reply back. PLease ???

    1. Why do we have Coke in Tasmania and Australia ???

    2. Why carn’t you make more cokes that don’t have suger in them ???

    3. Why do we have all kinds of Coke ???

    4. Why do we have Coke and other diferent kinds of flavours ???

    From Stephanie !!!

    Student Parliamentarian !!!

    Byeee .xx


    Comment by Stephanie 05.21.09 @ 3:39 pm