Design 2.0
By Steve Portigal at 11:26 am, Monday June 19 2006

The Core77/BusinessWeek Design 2.0 event was almost 2 weeks ago. It was a fantastic experience, good networking, different presentations, good conversation.

Some links
the set crashing during my talk (and Niti’s take on it)
PeterMe’s writeup
LukeW’s writeup here and here
Nick Baum’s detailed notes here

steve brings down the house, originally uploaded by selfconstruct
The view from the stage

A ton of pictures at the Core77 Gallery

Podcasts are supposedly coming soon? (Update: here)

And what is up with the lame fact-checking at the SF Chronicle? “Core77, a New York design think tank, will bring its Design 2.0 conference, also centered on green design, to San Francisco on June 6.”

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3 Responses to “Design 2.0”

    … thanks as always for keeping us posted about this event and your bedroom 😉 Would have loved to join the event!

    P.S. I hope the somehow inflationary use of “Ethography” these days will not too much harm the reputation of serious protagonists like you.

    Comment by Ralf Beuker 06.19.06 @ 11:40 am

    Sorry you couldn’t be there. Not to be too Niti-picky, but my exact line was (in a slow confused voice) “Who are you people, and what are you doing in my bedroom?”

    I was introduced as an “ethnographer and designer researcher” before the event and it really did make me cringe. I have for a long time shied away from that description.

    I started a user research theory group, as I’ve written here before, and we’re reading Clifford Geertz. He makes this great distinction between “what ethnography is” and “what doing ethnography is” – I find that a simple distinction that places the emphasis on the activity, not on the details of the methods, even, or on the qualifications on the individual.

    Many people are involved in doing ethnography, but depending on our skill set, practice, context, interests, etc. it’s not all of what we do!

    Comment by Steve Portigal 06.19.06 @ 11:46 am

    […] I think one lesson for session organizers is that this stuff doesn’t come off spontaneously. If people are going to perform together (i.e. be part of a panel discussion), they need to interact, to learn about each other and each other’s work. I wish our recent Design 2.0 panel had done some of this; I’m sure our discussion would have been better if we had formed some sort of team ahead of time. […]

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