We help companies discover and act on new insights about their customers and themselves.

Organizations hire us to inform the design of new products and services, to focus the evolution of their current offerings, and to enhance their ability to innovate.

While we work across a range of industries, many of our clients specialize in one of three areas:

Belkin  •   Hewlett-Packard  •   Plantronics  •   Sony

Financial Services
Credit.com •   Intuit  •   UBS  •   Wells Fargo

Consumer Goods
Beringer  •   Fisher-Price  •   Nestlé  •  SC Johnson

We work globally on consumer, enterprise and internal initiatives.

Discover and act. It sounds simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy.
We can help.



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Interviewing Users

Steve spoke about user research at the HOW Interactive Design Conference [slides, video].

Steve presented Designing for Unmet Needs at Warm Gun. [slides/audio/sketchnote]

Steve spoke to the Denver UX Book Club (video).

Steve gave a keynote presentation, Designing the Problem, at Interaction South America in Buenos Aires [video, slides/audio/sketchnotes]

Steve taught Well We’ve Done All This Research, Now What? at EuroIA in Brussels [slides].

Steve was on Tuesday #TechHour to speak (briefly) about user research.